Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar – Woodstock

The extraordinary opportunity to work with a client a second time is such a gift. Clients are often very nervous to trust the first time around and are learning a great deal about the design process. Thrilled for both my client’s business success and the exciting opportunity to work together again, I was commissioned a year later to design their second location across town. (We are currently working on their third). With a brave, fully trusting and educated client on board and a strong demographic supporting the brand, we set out to create something dynamic and bold together.

Strong geometry and imaginative seating create a simple, yet memorable design, that is both functional and experiential at the new Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar. Inspired by the round shape of the bubbles found in a bubble tea, bespoke circular seating in the shape of large bubbles create a focal point on one wall, while an ombre of tonal wood bubbles can be seen floating on the opposite wall. Three central, circular booths with angled backs draw their inspiration from the angled cut at the end of a bubble tea straw, while concrete hex tiles spill down the front edge of a portion of the bar, as if a bubble tea spilled over the bar and onto the floor. Tiny Bubbles’ purple and green brand colors pop throughout and are presented in thoughtful, playful ways creating an exciting visual experience to compliment the products served.

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