Tiny Bubbles – Marietta Square Market

Located inside the food hall at Marietta Square Market, this third Tiny Bubbles location needed to be compact, provide all the functions the staff would need to make drinks efficiently in the smallest space possible, while continuing to serve their clients comfortably and offer a small retail area to sell tea.
Because the overall concept of the market was to reference the local train tracks and passing trains, we used an overall black background to nod to the train engine and used a green and black plank with an open wood grain to reference the railroad ties. To create continuity throughout their locations, we introduced their brand colors green and purple thoughtfully throughout, reintroduced materials their customers are familiar with from other locations, and used round globe lights to mimic the bubbles found in bubble tea.

To maximize the order counter, we divided it into two smaller ordering stations to serve customers faster, inset the bakery case, so it didn’t block the view to the customer, and placed the pick up station at the other end of the counter. This encourages customers to move down and away from the order area and eliminates clogging in one place. To prevent using valuable floor space, we inset wood shelves between the studs and drywall to make use of vertical space for displaying tea canisters available for purchase.

Individual drink images help customers identify types of drinks easily and allows drink images to be changed out frequently as seasons change and new products and recipes are tested. Repeated beams, again, hearken back to the railroad ties, but also allow heat build up to escape that is often created from several people working in a small space with bright lighting and heavy equipment running.

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