Motto Mortgage Boutique Office

Because Motto Mortgage is located in a historic home and due to the nature of their business being residential mortgages, we leaned the design direction a bit more residential in feel. We created a conversation area in front of the fireplace for informal, breakout staff meetings, as well as, a residential setting in the lobby. The sitting areas give staff a change of scenery throughout the day to stretch their legs, move around with their laptops, and work in a variety of positions eliminating boredom, physical tightness and other problems arising from sitting in the same position all day.
Since many of the staff are mobile and don’t need a desk for a full workday, we established “hoteling” desks or unassigned desks, so that staff may come and go when needed. We placed them in a “benching” configuration eliminating visual barriers, fostering collaboration, relationship building, teamwork, while diminishing the overall size requirements for separate cubicles, therefore reducing the amount of costly square footage needs within the office.

In situations where space and privacy are needed, a small conference room offers the staff a quiet space for phone calls, time away from noise, and a dedicated area to spread out and meet with clients. In addition to the blue walls, original art from a local gallery energizes and inspires the team, supports local artists and the community, and brings references of the Motto Mortgage brand color to the design.

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