Nature’s Pick Market

Nature’s Pick Market is a neighborhood natural food store providing essential elements for healthy living. In addition to a variety of inventory items that needed to be easily accessible, we needed to design a juice bar for organic smoothies and juices, a grinding station for nut butters, and provide a small place for eating grab and go purchases. Wanting to create a space that was more experiential than the average health food store, the juice bar became the initial focus to set the tone for the space as a whole. While sketching and conceptualizing ideas for the space, I came up with the tagline The Elements of Good Health, which led to the periodic table of elements as a potential graphic for in-store messaging, logo, packaging, and other branding items.

The light wood finish throughout the store was inspired by the color of produce crates with accent colors that mimic fruits and vegetables. Wanting a living wall, we settled on moss in framed boxes to prevent having to constantly maintain and care for growing plants daily. The colors of the fruits and vegetables stand out against the black matte tile in the juice bar, and the grinding station becomes a focal point on the wall, while compartmentalizing the messy task of grinding nut butters. Luxury vinyl plank warms the space and prevents it from looking like a grocery store, while meeting the demanding functional requirements.

Marietta, Georgia